what hapend on Anupamaa 16th October 2022

Ladies continue to play truth or dare game. Bottle stops at Leela. Leela chooses dare. Everyone insist her to dance. She shies. Anupama reminds Leela’s dance during Dolly’s wedding. Leela says it was different then. They all insist Leela again. Leela finally agrees and dances energetically. Anupama whistles for her. Leela says she feels shy to dance in front of son and grandson. Rakhi says that is why its a all-women party to inhibit their hesitations and be themselves. Anupama calls Adhik and Pakhi’s room by mistake instead of reception and orders a water bottle. Adhik disconnects call saying its a wrong number. He and Pakhi rudely comment on an ignorant customer. Anupama asks Barkha if Adhik is at home as she couldn’t see him in men’s party photos. Barkha reveals that Adhik has gone to meet his USA friends.

Men also enjoy party and laugh on jokes. They discuss that they are laughing so freely after a long time. Anuj notices tears in Vanraj’s eyes and asks what happened. Vanraj says he realized that his happiness will end after this party and he will see his wife and children struggling to earn money and he will sit idle with his sorrows. Hasmukh says he need not worry as he will get a job soon and his ordeals will end. Ankush suggests Vanraj to try singing as a career like Anupama chose dancing. They all encourage him. Anuj insists for a dance and everyone dance on oh ho ho ho.. song..

Truth or dare game continues. Bottle stops at Anupama next. Anupama chooses truth. Leela jokes that Anupama truth will be a 100-page lecture. Everyone laugh. Barkha says she wants to question Anupama. Kavya says its her turn. Anupama permits Barkha. Barkha says just like Leela questioned her, she wants to ask Anupama if she married Anuj for his money or love; no doubt Anuj loves Anupama immensely, but he was single and rich and would have got a best girl he could. Anupama says even she wanted a best girl for Anuj; her faith on love broke down when her heart broke, but when she learnt that Anuj loves her since 26 years, she couldn’t believe how can someone love her so much; she had even told Anuj once that she doesn’t have any place for love in her life, but don’t know when she fell in Anuj’s love; they say love crosses boundaries, but her love taught her boundaries and she got devotion, peace, etc.; there is no greed for money in their love, though they need money to fulfill their necessities; they have even seen days when Anuj’s pockets were empty and they were sitting beside a road and thinking what would they do next; power of love is above all as money is a bondage and love is freedom; money is like a moon which increases and decreases, but love is a sky which never ends.

Kavya says they all saw her journey of love, is there anything that she misses. Anupama says she couldn’t complete her education, it was also her father’s dream; she fulfilled her dance dream, but she couldn’t fulfill her education dream. She describes how her husband and children used to humiliate her on the basis of her education, Pakhi feeling ashamed of her, Anuj trying to encourage her though. She describes how she is teaching Hindi to Little Anupama and learns English from here. She introduce herself in English. Everyone clap for her. Leela says she can now fulfill her dream with her husband and daughter’s support. Kinjal says this truth or dare game is amazing. Rakhi says its time to visit sunset point.

Adhik after spending time with Pakhi in a room expresses his love for her and they both walk out of their room and go to reception for check out. Anupama and her team head towards reception lobby where Anupama is shocked to see Pakhi and Adhik. Little Anu feels excited seeing them and informs others. They are all shocked to see Pakhi and Adhik there. Little Anu asks if they were here, why didn’t they visit us. Receptionist hands over them room’s final bill.