Update Brunch and Chrome OS into latest version

 There are a couple of methods to update Brunch and Chrome OS. It is recommended to update the Brunch first and then the Chrome OS. Also, the version of Brunch and Chrome OS should be similar. It is not absolutely necessary but only to avoid any errors or crashes.

Manual Update

  • First, Download the latest Brunch release.
  • Then, Download the latest recovery matching your install (zork, rammus, etc) and extract the bin file.
  • Now, open the Crosh Shell with Crtl + Alt + T and enter shell at the prompt.
  • Run the following command and replace the recovery.bin and brunch_archive.tar.gz with the actual file name.
sudo chromeos-update -r ~/Downloads/recovery.bin -f ~/Downloads/brunch_archive.tar.gz
  • Finally, restart the system after the update is completed.