How to Install Chrome OS with Google Play Store in Any Computer

 If you want to install Chrome operating system in your computer or want to experience Chrome operating system, then believe me you can do this, to do this you will need some things, whose list is as follows:

1: Mint OS: Download Now

2. Chrome OS Rammus Build: Download Now

3. Brunch Framework: Download Now

4. Rufus: Download Now

5. Minimum 8 GB Pen Drive

You have to keep all these software and pen drive ready with you and follow the video given below, in the video given below you will also need some Linux commands which are as follows:

1. sudo apt-get update
2. sudo apt-get install pv
3. sudo apt-get install cgpt
4. sudo bash -src chromeOS.bin -dst /dev/sda

By following all the steps from the video, you can easily install Chrome operating system on your computer.