Why Internet download manager Is best for PC downloader?

IDM would make download faster only If the server (where you are downloading the file) is slow. Because it create multiple thread and try to download simultaneously and combine them later.

There are two cases IDM can make download faster.

  1. The server is busy and many are downloading the same file.
  2. Server has a maximum download speed limit
  3. Organize Your Downloads
  4. Flexible Downloads

In laymen terms If your browser showing downloading speed of your actual connection IDM would not make the download even faster.

Eg: you have 10mbps line then your download speed will be 1.25MB per second. If your browser is downloading a file in that speed IDM is not going to make that file even faster. IDM cannot exceed your bandwidth speed but it can utilize your bandwidth very well when server has limitations.

Other than speed IDM has other features which are worth purchasing for a vicious downloader